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Patent Clash Cripples Apple Watch: Christmas Sales Hang in the Balance 

Get ready for a tech saga straight out of a Christmas thriller. Apple’s iconic watches, the Series 9 and Ultra 2, are facing a potential ban in the US starting December 25th, thanks to a patent infringement claim. This wouldn’t be the first time the tech giant faced such a hurdle, but the stakes are higher than ever for this $3 trillion behemoth.

Flashback: ECG Triumph and Patent Woes

Remember when Apple introduced ECG monitoring on its watch? It revolutionized the market, setting it apart as a health-tech powerhouse. This win, however, came with a bitter lawsuit from AliveCor, claiming Apple stole their technology. Thankfully, a ban was avoided back then.

Deja Vu with Blood Oxygen: Repeat Offender on Thin Ice

Fast forward a year, and history seems to be repeating itself. But this time, it’s Masimo accusing Apple of stealing their blood oxygen monitoring tech for the latest premium watches. The International Trade Commission (ITC) sided with Masimo, triggering a sales ban starting Christmas Day – peak season for Apple Watches.

Why the Bloodbath? Masimo Strikes Again

Apple touted its new watches’ ability to measure blood oxygen levels with light passing through the skin. Apparently, this “innovation” was borrowed (allegedly) from Masimo, who promptly dragged Apple to the same ITC. The consequence? A ban on imports and US sales, jeopardizing a crucial $17 billion business line for Apple.

Will Apple Pull a Rabbit out of the Hat? Not This Time

Apple has a history of settling such disputes through deals or acquisitions. But this time, silence surrounds the company, even as the ban looms just seven days away. Instead, reports suggest they’re frantically tweaking the software driving the blood oxygen feature, hoping to convince the authorities the tech is now different.

But Time is Not on Apple’s Side

Even if Apple manages to modify the technology, testing, rollout, and convincing the authorities within a week are near-impossible feats. A Christmas ban seems inevitable.

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